Nicola Kuperus’ Dark, Colorful World

Nicola Kuperus is a fashion photographer and musician based in Detroit, Michigan. Her work is often monochromatic, staging scenarios that are cold, dark and sterile; all very calculated and contrived. Models cropped in stiff and awkward positions, usually at the legs, against a backdrop of crisp technicolor. Working and living in Detroit, with the dichotomy of it’s burned out buildings and green suburbs, has had an impact on her stylistic approach and on her subject matter.

What’s so cool about her work are the stories she creates, cookie cutter Stepford wives get tied up with ropes, buried at the beach, smothered by big plastic beach balls and get slammed into trunks of old Cadillacs. These perfect lives where women keep the house and kids clean and shiny turn into dark moments filled with howling screams, wails and adultery. Peyton Place, Mad Men, L7 and Hitchcock all had an orgy and Nicola’s work was birthedMen, L7 and Hitchcock all had an orgy and Nicola’s work was birthed.


Nicola Kuperis
Michele Llanos

free spirit gypsy with a background as fashion director, editor, stylist, jewelry designer, and showroom owner ; major travel junkie with a future trip to the cosmos on the bucket list. i'll probably be wearing Rick Owens

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