New Generation Pop Art


Seattle based artist Micheal Leavitt is making a statement with cardboard. He is using a material as frivolous as cardboard to create life size sculptures of objects that relate directly to sub-cultures of people. I was calling it Pop Art but I think Safe Art may be a better category for it. One could argue the use of the word Art in this equation at all. I mean we all know how large and fanatic the sneaker heads are so by creating cardboard sculptures of some of the most popular models in footwear he is essentially…

riding the commercial train and exercising his meticulous craft of making these wearable cardboard replicas. Personally I think they are rad and I think he is smart to tap into the fanaticism because the demographic that would buy these may not usually buy a piece of art but they would buy this and call it Art.




He will be showing these works along with others in a exhibit titled “Don’t Stop Object Shopping”, at the Fuse Gallery in NY starting March 21 through April 18, 2009Opening Reception: Saturday, March 21st, 7 to 10 pm.