New Build: Finding Reasons

Listen to “Finding Reasons” here

      1. New Build - Finding Reasons


The muscles of electro-rock are contracting under the epithet New Build. The anatomy: LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip. Al Doyle, Felix Martin and Tom Hopkins have rolled out their debut 12-track album, Yesterday Was Lived And Lost this month (mastered by New Build and Club Ralph). They further extend their musical hamstring with a five-star remix of “Finding Reasons” by sound stylist, Planningtorock (The Knife, Austra), which you can find below.

These three aces, wired in media to their past work, have pulled back the curtain to some newborn material as they buoyantly arm wrestle the electro-pop-alternative movement. With a memorable appearance at SXSW on Saturday and a recent sold-out spree in New York,  the music musketeers are as fueled for their new release as they are thrilled about their new record label, Lanark Recordings. Although London is being spoiled with their presence, the new formation in its infancy will be headlining near you-name-it in a hot minute as they globe-trot their latest work. Grab your music appetite and catch the trio in Belgium and Netherlands this week, or stay up with the latest New Build attendance on Twitter.

Listen to “Finding Reasons (PLANNINGTOROCK Remix)