Neil Barrett flagship store by Zaha Hadid Architects in Tokyo

Our friends over at Canvas Gallery and Boutique were just telling us yesterday about their latest trip to Tokyo and how fabulous the new Niel Barrett flagship store was so I felt it my responsibility to do some research and uncover the magic of this new space designed by the genius group of Zaha Hadid Architects.

Our concept for the Neil Barrett flagship store in Tokyo is based on the minimal cut of the brand`s fashion design and parallels its approach in using the same design parameters of fixed points, folding, pleating and cut outs.

Rather than defining a single room or space, our design creates a circular passage allowing the customer to experience the space in multiple ways and interpretations.
Furniture staged in key points throughout the store creates the spatial concept of a narrow enclosure changing to an open condition.

In two formal elements the design shifts between architecture and sculpture, where a compact mass of surface layers unravel and fold to form the shelving display and seating. The emerging folds will be used as display area for the NB accessory collection.

images by Virgile Simon Bertrand