Nasty Gal Online Shop

I love to buy vintage, I love the challenge and glory of going to the dingiest thrift shops and finding those pieces that were left there for me, or someone else I know. Buying vintage online is a totally different experience, that takes away from that joy for me, but if its cute and I love it’s still joy no matter how you break it down. The one major drawback to buying vintage online is that all the shops look like crap. I feeel bad promoting sites that make a lot of money and do not address aesthetics.

Nasty Gal is a vintage online shop with a great look. From photographs to interface design, this website works for me. Everything really cool seems to be sold out so my guess is since it just launched she posted the pics of outfits and things from hr own wardrobe and made them unavailable, but hey you gotta start somewhere. Below are a few looks from the site.