Once upon a time, in the heart of the green Zhejiang region, atop the hill of the Moganshan rural village, there was a beautiful Castle…and there still is! Entirely rebuilt on the original foundations this enchanted place gives an official recognition to the almost forgotten history upon these mountains; a fairy tale to experience at only 3 hours drive from Shanghai.

A Scottish doctor, Duncan Main, who dedicated his career improving medical facilities in Hangzhou and surrounding areas, had purchased the land and built the original building in 1910. In 1932, Mr. Zhang Jingjiang – then Chairman of Zhejiang province, who famously advised both Mr. Sun Yatsen and Mr. Chiang Kaishek – took over the renowned castle. After turbulent times, the castle collapsed in 1960, its stories buried with it.
Today, a museum on the ground floor of the Castle pays homage to the history of the area.

Written by Angela Grossi
Photo by Angela Grossi & Naked Retreats