Nagi Noda – Japan

Nagi Noda is a Japanese pop artist who is best known for her short films, the half-panda-half-something-else “Hanpanda” life-sized figures, the video for Japanese singer Yuki’s song “Sentimental Journey”, and the collaboration with Medicom Toy to produce a Nagi Noda Be@rbrick. In addition, she directed a commercial for Coca Cola (which Jack White from The White Stripes did the music for). Oh yeah, she also had some fun with a horror themed cafe project for about 4 days.

Now she has teamed up with colleagues Asami Nemoto and Shinji Konishi to create these 15 unique headpieces inspired by beasts such as rabbits, poodles, owls and elephants for an exhibition that wraps up in Tokyo next week. The hair hats will be making appearances on Bjork’s upcoming UK tour, and available at Colette in Paris after that… See her Portfolio Here