‘My Things’ by Hong Hao

‘My Things’ is a photography project by Hong Hao started in 2001 created by scanning objects. He has been working on this project for 12 years. 12 years, in the Chinese traditional concept, represents the period of transmigration in cycles of different fates and destinies. The process of producing works for this series is an assignment associated with one’s life trace.

Day by day, he put his daily consumed objects into a scanner piece by piece, like keeping a visual diary. After scanning the original objects, he save them in digital forms and categorize these digital files in different folders in his PC, in order to make a collage of them later on. This task, like a yogi’s daily practice, has become a habit in his day-to-day life as well as a tool to observe the human condition in contemporary consumer society.


The very action of scanning, through which an intimate relationship between objects and human beings is established, embodies an accurate objectivity, a reducibility and a sense of evidence. Through this practice, I gathered fundamental data of contemporary life and made an inventory of vital social essence through personal experience, so as to generate a retrospective and self-analysing volition.