My Favorite Kind of American by Luis Gispert

Here is ‘My Favorite Kind of American’ the latest project of Brooklyn based artist Luis Gispert. Filmmaker, photographer, and sculptor, Luis is addressing a variety of topics in his work such as the infiltration of subcultures on the mainstream and the fragmented American experience. Regardless of the vehicle or message, the aesthetic leans toward theatric as his seductive imagery delivers a blend of opulent artifice with clever indications of acute subtexts.

From photographs of surreal landscapes viewed from elaborate cockpits to stylized sculptures of tricked-out speaker systems, the work acts as a composite, melding what is familiar with the unexpected. Gispert’s message points out the fragile balance between consummate reality and the decorated facades we tend to build around it.

My Favorite Kind of American series is a partial collaborative poster project with OHWOW.

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