Monster Rally: Color Sky

Listen to “Color Sky” here

      1. 01 Color Sky


Don’t be scared. Monster Rally breaks it down nice and easy for you with mellow waves of psychedelic surf-pop. In fact, the monster himself, Ted Feighan, doesn’t snarl, growl, or even speak a word on any of his records from what I’ve heard. Although the Deep Sea EP–his newest set of soothers–has just recently been released in time for summer, I stuck to my affinity for a good ‘ole fashion bass and beachy instrumentals.

“Color Sky” has no whistles, but it does have bells, Hawaii hula samples, and the perfect whirl of cheerfully calming sounds. Fortunately, Gold Robot Records of Oakland, CA let it loose for all to enjoy early this year on his Coral LP. So, if you need a break, forget the Kit Kat bar and just let your stereo, or headphones–whichever is most convenient–take you on a 1 minute and 54 second tropic getaway. It’s just what summer ordered.