Monsoonsiren : Sullen Fables

First timers experiencing Monsoonsiren (aka Nathan Menon) here: welcome to “cinematic funeral music” – as he calls it. Laced with delicate, hymnic electronic layers, this musical osmosis is all things experimental, one of kind, and definitely reserved for a deep listener.


Off his new EP, Falstrati (Project Mooncircle, 12/30), Sullen Fables accentuates the artist’s liberal range of granular beats, fragmented electronics and vocal overlays. Dostoyevsky-inspired and Sans Soleil-influenced (Chris Marker film), we can only expect the 5-Track EP to breath beauty into the darkness where everything becomes palpable as the artist states: “I tend to take these dark subject matters and try and transform them into something beautiful, it’s incredibly cathartic. This is why I find it amusing and overwhelming when people call my music “ethereal” or “uplifting”.


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