Mister Cheng Footwear Graduation Collection

At Trendland we are all about finding cool/new products. We are always searching through graduating students portfolio’s for upcoming talent and original/fresh collections. So when Kongyiu Cheng, a recently graduated product designer from Artez institute of Art (Netherlands), with a major in footwear contacted us to introduce his Mister Cheng footwear collection, we could not resist the review.

Cheng has reinterpreted the recurring classical models such as the Derby, the Oxford and the Monk through his fascination for the unfinished and the imperfect. He thinks that the dress shoe could use a more expressive and distinctive look, that relates itself more to the developments in men’s fashion.


“To shape the concept of the unfinished and the imperfect, I like to reveal the hidden skin of the dress shoe and uncover what is beneath, and pairing that together with the imperfect such as unfinished sealed edges and leather out soles .”

“As a designer of men’s footwear, I want to stimulate the renewal of men’s shoes.”

More Information at www.mistercheng.com