Mirte, Future Catwalk by Barnaby Roper

Seeing as the majority of people view fashion week on a screen anyway, Mirte, Future Catwalk, by ultra-visionary photographer and director Barnaby Roper, is definitely a forward step in the right direction. Today, we’re mostly limited to just commenting, forwarding, or right-click-and-saving images we like. In Barnaby’s production, we can actually create our own show, controlling the entire environment—sights, sounds, and effects—with a single keystroke. Every letter pressed produces an immersive, out of this world treat.


[jwplayer file=”http://cdn.staak.co.uk/1f95c363/video/v6/nowness.mp4″ image=”http://trendland.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/mirte-future-catwalk-barnaby-roper-6-600×344.jpg”]


“I like the playfulness and the air of discovery; I like that the viewer has the choice and that I am not dictating to them how they should view it,” says Barnaby. “Most of all, I like the possibilities of where interactivity could and will go in the future.”

To achieve this crazy experience? Dutch model Mirte Maas “kept a steady pace on a treadmill for the better part of two shooting days, wearing boots by Rick Owens paired with pieces from Givenchy and Christopher Kane by stylist Tony Irvine,” shares The Nowness. This includes six outfit changes, two months of post-production, two programmers, and a clean 400 lines of code.


More information at www.barnabyroper.com – Via www.nowness.com

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