Miranda Kerr in 3D by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

Not the first magazine to shoot fashion in 3D, but its always interesting to see that the big players are adapting to the trends. For their September 2010 issue Vogue Italia featured Miranda Kerr (half naked) in 3D by Steven Meisel. I am personally not a fan at all of the cover, and the shoot is… well… pretty basic I would say.

Vogue press release for 3D issue:
A magazine that escapes its own pages to become real in the hands of its readers. It reinvents itself and – first among fashion magazines – challenges, once again, the strict schemes of printed paper. Vogue’s new frontier is called 3D.

Because enclosed in the September issue of Vogue Italia (today in newsstands in Milan, from the beginning of next week in the rest of Italy) you’ll find a special pair of 3D vision glasses.

Nice little behind the scene video: