Minute Taker: Last Things

Last Things is Minute Taker’s first musical offering in five years. The Manchester UK born songwriter, who has previously recorded under his real name Ben McGarvey, produces all of his music in his parents basement, using unusual household objects to create loops, as well as more traditional instruments such as the piano.

      2. Merge


For me, what makes Minute Taker so special, is the level of raw uninterrupted songwriting he produces, that is void of the heavy studio effects we have become so accustomed to hearing within modern day music. His voice – previously compared to the likes of Thom Yorke, is equally soothing as it is haunting, and yet somehow manages to be comforting at the same time.

“Let It Go”, is perhaps the stand out track for me (though with offerings such as “Tornado”, it’s a hard choice to make). “But if I can’t dream of drowning in my lovers eyes, I might go insane”, which is followed by an amazing synth line, that fuses both the lyrical and melodic content of the song beautifully. If you do anything today, definitely take a minute (or more) to indulge in the world of Minute Taker & enjoy today’s track of the day, “Merge”.

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