Miley’s Older Man


This has got the be the most charming young couple! Teenage sensation Miley Cyrus and heartthrob model, country star in the making, Justin Gaston are a tabloids dream! Young, successful, gorgeous and sweet, there is no saying what the commercial limits of the this can be. In V Man 13 there is a full interview and editorial on this beau, describing his time with Miley and his life aspirations.

From the Interview

What’s it like being an aspiring 20-year-old in the shadow of a teen sensation? “I look up to her,” says Justin. “It’s nice to have someone there who already knows what’s going on. It helps you plan your next steps.” As with everything he says, Gaston is completely sincere. He can truly be described as a nice guy—and “nice” is exactly what he likes about Miley. “In a girl, I want someone who’s really genuine,” he says. “Someone attractive, but more just really nice.”




Photography Doug Inglish      Styling Jay Massacret