Mike Posner : Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean

Although Mike Posner was previously featured by Cyanatrendland last september I could not help but to share this track. The 22-year-old Duke University senior is quite the talent, not only producing his own music but singing and songwriting too. Cooler Than Me featuring hip hop artist Big Sean, despite it’s 2009 release on Mike’s album Mike Posner & the Brain Trust has still not yet penetrated the popular market. The song is about all of those girls out there who think they are better than everyone and never stop to give a guy the time of day to shine. Mike’s skills definitely shine and I expect for this talent to blow up in the very near future.

Listen to “Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean” here

      1. 03 Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean

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Mike Posner