Michael Zelehoski’s Deconstructive Art

In a conversation with a friend last night about the past week of art overload in New York, we spoke about the anticipation of being to able to buy art, and filling our space with things that profoundly touch our inner mechanics in ways we don’t necessarily want to express with words. Of all the things we had seen over the week, we stopped to discuss to work of Michael Zelehoski, an artist she had met who spoke a language in his work, that she connected to so deeply it made her think, where can I get 10,000$ right now. There was no future tense in that thought, it had to be now!

Watch as Zelehoski disassembles a chair and makes it live in a 2 dimensional plane…

In his most recent work Michael Zelehoski starst by studing 3-dimensional objects, used in everyday domestic life. He deconstructs the objects and rearranged them in a 2-dimensional plane, to appear as their original shape and form. “A chair, for example, remains a chair, formally and materially, even as its function is negated,” said Zelehoski. You can see this concept come to life in the process video above. “This process constitutes a logical progression, as well as a literal interpretation of two-dimensional, representational art even as it breaks with illusionistic tradition, ” he says.