Mexican Institute Of Sound : Escribeme Pronto

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      1. 02 Escribeme Pronto

Mexican native Camilo Lara is the mastermind behind the Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS). The president of EMI Mexico City as well as being DJ/Producer, he started MIS as a musical project which was part of a electronica movement in Mexico whose main agenda was to encourage the fusion of traditional folk music with modern sounds, something that is a lot easier say than done. The talented Lara working in correlation with several other progressive Mexican groups has formulated a beautifully eclectic reinterpretation the classic Mexicano/Latin stylo. “Escribeme Pronto” is off his first album Mejico Maxico released in 2006. He has come out with two following works since then and both are as complete and intriguing as his debut, each infusing new elements to the sound of the Institute. I chose “Escribeme Pronto” as the track to pay homage to this brilliant manifestation because it hits the nail right on the head with its temporal transcendence and categorical versatility putting the progressive nature of MIS on blast. Hope your feelin’ it like I am. Enjoy!