Merry Xmas from Love Mag: Advent Videos


I remember wanting advent calendars so badly when I was a child. Only a few times did I get one. The magic for me was that each day, ritually I would get to open a little paper window with a Christmas elf on it, and scoop out a chocolate. These daily videos from Love Magazine are appealing in a similar way, but more lascivious. Flirtatious, fun, sexy, and attainable. The girls in these videos could be making videos for their lovers away from home, advertising lingerie or campaigning for something totally unrelated but marketed to grab your attention.  And grab our attention they did!  The amateur striptease, and different cinematic styles are charming, coquettish, playful, and of course delicious! A number of different directors collaborated with Love for this series, with Cara, Dree, Lily, LouLou, and more of our favorite girls stripping down to get you in the Christmas spirit.

check them all out at LOVE