Mercedes #Untamed: Instagram Competition

Always on the forefront of technology and creativity, Mercedes-Benz launches a new project/competition named #Untamed. It is the first digital photo exhibition of its kind, an installation filled with your most unusual Instagram photos. Inspired by the new Mercedes-Benz CLA, the project will be live in April 2013 in Paris. Watch video below to understand more about the concept.


The art of being unique

Countless Instagram photos are created every second. Photos that reflect particular points of view in the life circumstances of different people. Photos that are shared with the entire world. Millions of momentary snapshots. But which motifs are really unique? Mercedes-Benz and the new CLA are looking for Instagram photos with that uniqueness. That are new. Untamed. Photos that can be anything but one thing: average

All About the #Untamed idea.

The rule: not following any.

Mercedes-Benz will collate these extraordinary views in #Untamed. A digital photo installation of a special kind. The idea behind this: the #Untamed Score shows how distinctive the style of your photos is compared to those of others. The most outstanding photos will be displayed in a unique installation in Paris and presented to an international public of art lovers.

Available via the website where you will upload your own Instagram photos.

A # Untamed score indicates how strongly the individual style is different from that of the other participants. The entire installation is thus in a constant change images repeatedly set new light. – In keeping with the guiding principles of the creative campaign, “The natural enemy of the average.”

The New Mercedes CLA

Unimpaired: with an exemplary drag coefficient of only 0.22 the CLA is the most aerodynamic car ever built by Mercedes-Benz.

Unbridled: the 7-speed automatic dual clutch transmission performs gearshifts with no interruption in tractive power. An innovation for untamed acceleration and low fuel consumption.

Interior design.
Unusual: as a special visual highlight the seats of the CLA are available in the design versions NEON ART or RED CUT. In this way the interior impressively underlines the progressive design of the new CLA.

Uncomplicated: the sensors of Active Parking Assist inform the driver when he approaches a suitable parking space. What’s more, the CLA parks itself automatically – whether parallel or end-on to the road.

Uninterrupted: with the Drive Kit Plus you can use social networks and radio streams from the comfort of your seat. In combination with the Mercedes-Benz DriveStyle App it shows the content of your iPhone in the driver’s display, and it can be accessed using the controller on the centre armrest.

Indispensable: its Blind Spot Assist uses close-range sensors to permanently monitor the vehicle’s blind spot not visible in the exterior mirror. When danger arises, it gives a visual and then acoustic warning.

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