Mercedes-Benz Folding PushBike


Mercedes-Benz is well known for their luxurious cars, but not for bicycles. Well not anymore. Apparently the Germans would like to tackle a whole new niche with their latest collection of folding pushbikes. There are two folding options – fully folded which is a very small package, while the “shuttle” position allows the bike to be pushed and steered making it ideal for easy carriage using public transport. This folding option allows you to take your bike wherever you go – 

While mostly intended for the style-conscious with a large bank account, the exquisite bike features an aluminum frame, has a suspension travel of 40 mm at both front and rear, a Shimano 8-speed gear and disc brakes that are supposed to keep you safe. Its a cool bike but a little expensive for my taste, for  EUR1700, I’d rather buy a scooter ! See also the Strida and other Folding bike here – More info on


Thanks to Likecool for the tip !