Memory Tapes: Today Is Our Life

Listen to “Today Is Our Life” here

      1. Today Is Our Life


Memory Tapes is New Jersey-native Dayve Hawk, a man that musically knows the art of rolling ranging tempos, genres, and moods into one track. From the slow, yet steady 1st verse uprising to meet a surprisingly climactic chorus, to a radically trembling electric guitar serenade, to the last stretch of the song smorgasbord–echoing vocals and an 80’s electronic bit that arrives like a late-night after party. It is an eclectic, yet united delivery!

The burgeoning producer is known for his unorthodox use of household and street sounds familiar to the everyday ear. “Bicycle,” which managed to earn 1,000,000 Google hits within 24 hours of its debut, featured the unusual harmonies of bicycle pumps and sneakers on a basketball court. Not like any behind the curtains button-pusher, Memory Tapes is performing live through many US cities this summer, after finishing his European tour. Check him out.

Listen to “Bicycle” here

      2. Bicycle