Max shuster eye plane
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Max Shuster Reimagines Reality

Max Shuster is a designer and photographer from Nashville. He creates playfully absurd and sometimes bizarrely grotesque ephemeral constructions, sculptures and sets. Based between Los Angeles and Nashville, the artist’s work features creatures, things and objects among the likes of televisions, bananas, light bulbs, faces, electronics, sleeping pills, currency, photographs, toys, yarn and seafood.

Max shuster octopus telephone

Shuster views these objects as containing a deliberate function that then determines the form’s placement within a contextual environment. He is interested in the object’s misinterpretation or more specifically, the object’s anti-defining placement inside its otherwise meaningful world.

All the objects, constructions, large scale sets and installations are built with the goal of documentation in mind since many of Max Shuster’s creations exist only temporarily. The octopus, unfortunately, will eventually smell after a few hours. The result is a quite original aesthetic.

Max shuster spray can

Max shuster anchor points

Max shuster banana box

Max shuster sprinkle gun

Max shuster pill bowl

Max shuster eye plane

Max shuster banana lamp

Max shuster business fish

Max shuster crab pistol