Matt & Kim : Daylight

Matt & Kim are an indie-dance-punk group from Brooklyn, NY with quite the interesting story. When Matt Johnson(keyboard/vocals) and Kim Schifino(drums/vocal) first met while taking classes at Pratt Institute in the early 2000’s, neither of them even played a musical instrument. They decided to form Matt & Kim in 2004 and only months after they both picked up their respective instruments for the first time a friend forced them into playing a show.  They spent the next year or so playing as many gigs as they could get in Brooklyn and making a name for themselves which was not hard considering their playful catchy style. In October 2006 they released their debut album, Matt & Kim under iheartcomix records and in January 2009 released their second album Grand under Fader records.

‘Daylight’ off their album Grand, aside from being one of the biggest selling singles of 2009 on itunes, gives you a glimpse into what makes these two so unique. It also shows how far their musicianship and songwriting has come since they first started the band.  The one element of their repertoire that is not evident just by listening to their music is their crazy ability to perform and rock a crowd(displayed above). If you get the chance definitely go out and see them live, you won’t be disappointed.

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