Mathieu Deluc Photography


French Photographer Mathieu Deluc has a really nice portfolio, having worked with a good amount of Fashion Magazines ( WAD, Elle…) and designers, He arrived into the world of photography a little bit by hazard – It happens after working as art Director for a pret-a-porter brand :

mathieu-deluc-9 mathieu-deluc-7

In the prêt-à-porter, I was in charge of the choices of the materials, the casting, the shows. One day, I decided to make photos of the lastest collection. A nice British stylist saw those photos and asked me to do some for her magazine. I told her that I was not a professional photographer, but she insisted. I really enjoyed shooting those stories. An American writer saw these and asked me to do a book for Abrams/éditions de la Martinière. During this production we did some photos for Elle international. Thus, began my professionnal career! ” Pretty cool story and beautiful work Mathieu ! Bravo 🙂