Master Paintings Algorithmically Subdivided into Colorful Treemaps

Using 3D animation software Houdini, the Athens-based motion graphics and visual designer Dimitris Ladopoulos worked on a series of algorithms to subdivide his favorite works of art breaking down the color compositions of centuries old paintings. With this process, Ladopoulos digitally observes the palette of Rembrandt‘s Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert, in addition to examining the thousands of specific shades used to compose Rembrandt Peale‘s portrait of his daughter Rosalba.

The artist explains: “The inspiration came from the type of diagrams called ‘treemaps’. I implemented a procedure in Houdini, that takes a rectangle and splits it vertically and then horizontally. The number of splits is randomly selected from a given max. The outcome is fed to the loop, again and again, depending on the number of user defined iterations. A seed value and slight alterations of the algorithm produce different results.”