Martyn & Four Tet : Glassbeadgames

      1. Martyn & Four Tet - Glassbeadgames - Martyn


Instrumental electronic music is alive and well. And no I’m not talking about EDM in your face, crazy light show/do whatever it takes to hold a listeners attention in the midst of a modern day sensory overload war. I’m referring to a group of elite electronic artists that through their minimalism and instrumental based music have preserved sonic subtleties and nuances that would otherwise be overlooked completely if not for their diligence in showcasing instrumental music as complete pieces of work.


The masked mystery man, Four Tet, who’s identity was finally revealed after years of releasing his sounds anonymously, is one of those amazing artist who has built his career and massively loyal following on a anti-mainstream electronic, anti-do-what’s-popular approach. And Dutch born, Washington D.C. based producer Martyn is yet another one of electronic music’s elite. Put these two masterminds together and you have the unique and beautiful chemistry which brings about “Glassbeadgames”. The  track lends itself to the improvisational minimalist that is also in need of energy and momentum. Taking you on a Jazz infused electronic journey and never really giving you a chance to lose patience as even the slightest of elements constantly evolve before your ears.


If you are feeling what this one has to offer there is plenty more on where it came from on Martyn’s highly anticipated forthcoming EP Forgiveness via Ninja Tune which will drop June 17th.