Mateusz Piestrak First Solo Exhibition at Mitch + Co’s [New York]

Polish Artist Mateusz Piestrak is announcing his first solo show ‘Two More Heads Would Appear In Its Place’ at the MITCH + CO gallery, October 24TH – 30TH at 171 Elizabeth Street, New York.

Mateusz Piestrak is best known for blurring the line between abstraction and representation, his paintings are a record of discussion on a culture that is dominated by new media. The main theme in his upcoming ‘Two More Heads Would Appear In Its Place’ show is “discovering” the image and exploring how the modern world makes a conversation with tradition.

The show ‘Two More Heads Would Appear In Its Place’ paraphrases fragments of artworks by the old masters, well known from the tradition of painting. The artist chooses motives according to the non-obvious key, drawing inspiration alternately from everyday life, the tradition of painting and sculpture, achievements of contemporary artists, or juggling quotes taken from photographs.

By multiplying parallel perspectives, the narration in his works is always multidimensional, fragmentary, foggy and depends strongly on the individual experience. Mateuz creates his works using various techniques such as acrylic brush strokes, rubber squeegee strokes, pouring paint directly onto the canvas and the use of paper tape or college which references software aesthetics. These shapes form a kind of colorful, often interpenetrating sub regions that are ‘blurred’, amorphous and oblong forms.



Thursday, OCTOBER 26TH
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm