Marina & The Diamonds: Sex, Yeah

Listen to “Sex, Yeah” Here

      1. Sex, Yeah.


Blessed be the sneaky album demos that make their way online. After Marina & The Diamonds left us with her tasty debut album–The Family Jewels–to hold us over, many have been just gluttonous in wanting more because it proved to be so delectable . Her and her diamonds also left a very wanting American fan base when her scheduled US tour was canceled for the artist to focus on her writing spree. Lucky for us, that performance hiatus resulted in “Sex, Yeah,” a hot not-yet-for-sale hit from her upcoming album. Don’t get your panties in a twist, this teaser track will be joined by its sophomore LP mates in October, as it is rumored to drop around then. And if you just can’t wait to see her, Marina will be adding a little indie to the California Dream pop-tour this summer, showing off her singin’ lady bits joined with Katy Perry. Enjoy “Sex, Yeah!” Marina gives it just right.