Marimekko Celebrates
10 Years of Oiva

One of Trendland’s favorite design house, Marimekko, is one of the world’s first real lifestyle brands, founded by Armi Ratia – a visionary woman of exceptional courage and imagination.

Over the years, they have remained true to their original mission of bringing joy to everyday life through bold prints and colors…

Join the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Oiva (superb) tableware collection.

Sami Ruotsalainen was briefed by Marimekko to design a timeless tableware range that would be strong enough to stand alone – and would work perfectly together with Marimekko’s distinctive prints.

Once the form for the tableware had been found, Maija Louekari created the beloved Siirtolapuutarha (city garden) and Rasymatto (rag rug) patterns to complement Oiva’s shapes.

The result was a functional yet playful collection that challenged the conventions of table setting. Oiva encourages mixing and matching shapes and patterns freely.

Over the years, the tableware range has grown together with the array of patterns, catering for an ever-increasing variety of cuisines and tastes.

Eläköön Elämä

mini plate


Eläköön Elämä

salad plate


Eläköön Elämä



I believe that Oiva has become a classic
because of its timeless and universal nature.
It has a strong personality of its own.

Siirtolapuutarha Anniversary

salad plate



coffee cup


To mark the jubilee year, selected Oiva pieces and Rasymatto textiles have been updated with golden accents.

Oiva Anniversary

deep plate


Oiva Anniversary