Marie-Rime Mysterious Armours & Masks

27-year-old Swiss photography student Marie Rime creates visually striking masks by gluing together familiar games apparatus such chess pieces, playing cards, pick-up sticks.

Her Masques series started as an art school project on games before evolving into a wider exploration of the idea of power – a recurrent theme throughout her more recent work. Inspired by tribal art and its connection to the notion of conflict, she constructed colourful “armour” from board games found in second-hand shops. “When I started this project, I asked myself whether players are trying to seduce or disturb or intimidate their opponents… But now I think it’s everything at once,” says Rime

“My work has a very strong bond with craftsmanship. What interests me is to create things from scratch. I’m very attracted to the glue technique; Making these masks and these photos I felt like a craftswoman who creates her own art “

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