Margarita Mileva’s Wearable Rubber Band Art

The other day a friend of mine was telling me about her friend who had some serious obsession with rubberbands. She described to me the work she had created using only rubber bands and how she was finding herself at her day job not able to think about anything other than rubber bands. My friend was speaking about NY based Bulgarian Architect, Margarita Mileva. Mileva finds inspiration in objects that are rapidly becoming obsolete as a result of the pace of technology.

In the first image you see a dress made solely of rubber bands that Margarita and her daughter made. The dress uses four kilograms, 8.8 pounds, of rubber bands of various colors, lengths and sizes. Approximately 14,235 rubber bands in total, 12,000 for the dress itself and 2,225 for the belt. Wrap your head around all that elastic!

“I love that I can ‘draw’ and ‘paint’ with rubber bands,” Mileva says.

Mileva’s necklaces are currently being exposed at the museum of Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

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