Marcin Rusak Flower Entomology Detail

Marcin Rusak Reimagines Nature in Design

London based, Polish designer Marcin Rusak is multidisciplinary designer and artist interested in the ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics. As the son and grandson of flower growers, he is fascinated by natural sources of inspiration and decoration. The young College of Art graduate started exploring the possibilities of using nature in design.

Materials such as processed flowers, resin, dried flowers bound with shellac, and beeswax can be found in his uncommon objects. Unrestrained by a specific medium, and consistently inspired by the beauty and subtlety of the natural world, Marcin’s objects embody the philosophies of Art Nouveau in a contemporary and sustainable context.



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marcin_rusak_flower_monster_ii_ e

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Marcin Rusak Flower Monster II Detail

Marcin Rusak Flower Entomology Detail

Marcin Rusak Monster Perishable Vase

Marcin Rusak Flora Collection