Marc Jacobs: Love Him or Leave Him


At Cyana Lab,we’ll be looking at pics of Marc online and at his last show and we’re thinking ” What happened to Marc?” The change in his physical appearance has left most of us confused. Gone are the days where MJ wore oversized clothes, had long greasy hair, wore big glasses all because he hated how he looked. Nowadays, he’s got a new, hard gym body to showcase his new tan.

Seems he’s pretty aware of the all speculation. After reading the NY Times article, it seems like he doesn’t care what others think. Ultimately what makes him successful is that he’s gonna do what he wants to do. Or it may be because, as confessed by Jacobs,” In the most basic way I can say it,” he said, re-lighting a cigarette, “coming from a psychological place, what I love more than anything is attention. That is about as honest of a statement that I could possibly make. I want a reaction, because I want the attention.”