Magnus Unnar shoots Anouck Lepere for Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere10

Magnus Unnar shoots Anouck Lepere (Belgium model and Jefferson Hack’s fiance) for the October 2009 issue of Dazed and Confused. The shoot is raw and energetic and depicts Anouck playing the role of a lowly intern at a modeling agency. Stylist Joanna Schlenzka seems to love messy backgrounds, muted tones and naughty onesies – and its a winning combination!

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere9

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere4

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere7

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere1

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere8

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere5

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere6

Dazed and Confused_AnouckLepere2

Scans by McQueezy of TFS.