M83: Midnight City


Listen to “Midnight Cities” here

      1. Midnight City


M83 released their catchy tribal shouting single, “Midnight City” for streaming and free download on the band’s official website. The shiny, new double LP, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming happens to be their 6th studio album and should be hurrying on up and releasing itself by October 18th via Mute/Naïve. The forthcoming album from French electro-pop artist and mastermind, Anthony Gonzales, continues to transform shooting lasers and dull vocals into star-gazing beautiful, pseudo 80’s music with a dancing beat. Without surprise, the background wails and synths did not get left in Saturdays=Youth (2008) successful dust. Few could part with it.

What continues to amaze though is the integration of genre specific blow outs like the saxophone attack mid-song in this track. It’s not hard to imagine why White Mountaineer’s Morgan Kibby was recruited to the team among the band of boys including, Loïc Maurin, and Pierre-Marie Maulini. The outer space milieu set by the obscurely hazy moments of indie throughout his music simulates your own ride on the Milky Way.