The Stunning self-portrait of Lyle Reimer

Canadian make-up and mixed media artist Lyle Reimer has over a 130k Instagram followers who visit his account @LyleXOX to experience the fantasy and undeniable creativity of his self-portrait personas, which fuse facial sculpture, make-up, and found objects, accompanied by hilarious fictional backstories. Reimer’s uses recycled materials for his outlook on consumerism and the impact that our customer habits have on the environment at a personal and global scales.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue Italia, Surface, and GQ China amongst others… and he’s just introducing his debut book “Head of Design”, designed by art director Fabien Baron and published by Rizzoli, Reimer has curated a collection of his favorite Instagram personas.
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For Reimer’s spectacular facial collages, inspiration comes from the most quotidian things–from feathers, soy sauce packets, Pellegrino water labels, bleached turkey bones, and mattress foam to ripped pages from Vogue and deconstructed Gucci purses–to create beautiful pieces of facial art.

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