Lucas : Clearing [EP]

Seattle now makes emotional computer music by ways of a 23-year-old. And though, still the place for punk rock – modern hip-hop percussion and production techniques shine alike from Delridge to Northgate.

Matt “Lucas” needs no alibi, but don’t get it twisted, even Steve Angello tweeted how inspiring Clearing EP was to him. The sound is polished, well mastered and embedded replay in its DNA.


Lucas’ ambient inclinations and ruthless habits for recording outdoor life brought him to Ryan Hemsworth’s on-going “shhsecretsongs” soundcloud account again and again until LFTF claimed a piece of his and published the seventh “Our Songs” compilation. With titles like “Pain” coming off the shores of Kaytra from WhoWhatAndWhen but quickly making you forget it when “Like Glass” guitars its way into the room. There’s little you’ll dislike.


Fortunately for the holiday over-spender, all four pieces are free of charge at Live For The Funk’s soundcloud, here the full previews.



Post by Dupersonic