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Lori Nix Diorama Photography

If you haven’t already heard of NYC based photographer Lori Nix, you’re in for a treat. It is often hard to define what it is she does, because it seems she does everything. Her specialty is dioramas. It often takes her seven months to construct and photograph a scene, so it’s no wonder when viewing her work that it is sometimes hard to tell whether it’s life sized or scale.

In the beginning she built natural landscapes, depicted natural disasters and small town scenery using manufactured railroad enthusiast kits and plastic farm animals.

Later on she began making almost everything by hand. Her scenes vary in size from 50×60 cm, to almost 6 feet in diameter.  Looking at her work, you see a fascination with the apocalypse, natural disaster, inside vs outside, and the absence of humans.  Despite that absence, their existence and imprints are felt in these post-apocalyptic settings.

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