liu wei at lehmann maupin scaled

Liu Wei at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Liu Wei is one of the most original and inventive contemporary artists working in China today,” exclaimed Jennifer Joy, Communications Director for Lehmann Maupin gallery earlier today. Interestingly, in a rather striking statement made before his first solo U.S. show which opened at the gallery last Thursday,  the artist himself when reflecting on his work stated, “My [art] work does not have any specific meaning.” Considering the superb quality and shock value of his work on exhibition, perhaps Joy’s exuberant exclamation and Wei’s chic, Tzara-esque statement create just the contrast one needs to view the opening with fresh eyes. Upon entering, two massive, multi-dimensional installations of fragrant wood made from doorframes bought in Beijing loom overhead, peppered with colorblock panels in pastel hues. The paintings on each wall move through multiple dimensions with ease. The wooden installations in the center of the gallery floor have physical pockets of space between each structural element, some large enough that one could feasibly walk in and out of the installation which make the show both mentally and physically interactive. Graphically, the work recalls images ranging from the ceiling of a medieval cathedral to a 3-D model for a futuristic spacecraft. This show is a journey for both the eyes and mind, Bon Voyage.

Now on view through March 23rd

Lehmann Maupin

540 W 26th Street

New York, NY

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