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Little Dragon : Klapp Klapp

Swedish pop outfit Little Dragon is gearing up for the release of their 4th studio album Nabuma Rubberband (via Loma Vista Reordings) on May 5th, after almost three years since their last release.

      1. Klapp Klapp - Little Dragon

Last week they dropped the full version of “Klapp Klapp” after teasing us with a snippet of the record in a short promotional documentary they put earlier this year. The track is an exploration of merging the organic with synthetic which becomes clear as the song begins with a sparse acoustic bass line and transforms into a lush electronic field holding the same chords progression with a completely different texture.


Whether it is is that signature Little Dragon sound that is always evolving without losing touch with it’s core, their knack for doing pop differently and not conforming to all else going on in the world of music, or having one of the sexiest front women in music, they always seem to make music that connects and lasts.


Check out the accompanying video for “Klapp Klapp” below.