Lion Babe : Jump Hi Feat. Childish Gambino (Todd Edwards Remix)

Grammy award winning producer and garage-house pioneer Todd Edwards does some fancy reworking on this one with duo Lion Babe‘s R&B sweetness “Jump Hi” featuring track-trotter Childish Gambino.


Jillian Hervey (daughter of Vanessa Williams) the exotic lioness and songstress along with producer Lucas Goodman are New York City based Lion Babe. The two have quite the interesting appeal going for themselves, their playful sample based poppy beat composition and infectious repetitions surely could indicate there is a lot more goodness to come from these two in the very near future. It also doesn’t hurt to have the likes of a Todd Edwards taking a crack at remixing your records as well.


Check out original version and video below but I’d have to say first direct your attention to the uptempo rendition through which Edwards struts some serious bass movement and puts this one on hard-set dance-ready rotation.