Lingerie XO: A New ‘Sexy’ Typeface by Moshik Nadav

Lingerie XO is the brand new seductive typeface from Moshik Nadav Typography. After releasing Lingerie Typeface, he set his sights on creating an even sexier typeface. He challenged himself to deconstruct each letter completely redesigning the form, perfecting each curve and line. The result is the very playful and flirtatious Lingerie XO, designed with Fashion and Luxury at the forefront.

It’s not only Lingerie XO’s stunning form that makes it stand out; it comes with thousands of built-in ligatures for almost every letter combination. With the freedom to set your creativity alight, you become the master of creating boundless options and unique variations of each word. Lingerie XO is the lighter, freer version of the original Lingerie Typeface. As well as the new and exciting ligatures and swashes, Lingerie XO comes with many alternate, unique, beautiful glyphs to tantalize the eye. It comes with over 500 delectable ready-made words and, for the very first time, the ligatures and swashes support a multitude of languages.

XO comprises of two swashes styles – Dreamline & Calligraphic. The coquettish simplicity of Dreamline adds finesse and romance to each letter, while the daring impact of Calligraphic commands your attention. Each style comes with thousands of impressive unique glyphs. Lovers of innovation and design, fashion houses, graphic designers, brand agencies and luxury brands, look no further, your next love has arrived.

Nadav is a born typographer; it’s in his blood. A rare breed of an innovator who creates on a vast scale and understands the needs and desires of the fashion and luxury world implicitly. Lingerie XO is available to purchase at