Lil Silva : Mabel [Video]

Lil Silva is a name that has been lending potent production and momentum to an array of up and comers over the past few years. Previously just a shadow of production force, on August 5th the UK bread talent will bring us his forthcoming EP entitled Mabel (via Good Years / True Panther) which features the first of Lil Silva vocal commencement, finally making it’s way into his records and our psyche, as well as a few collaborative tracks with the provocative and seductive Banks whom has proven time and time again to be a more than cohesive collaborative energy.


We kick things off with the record the EP grabs it’s title from “Mabel” and a somewhat nostalgic & powerful video directed by Laura Coulson to accompany it. The picture take us back to the start perhaps and reminds us that our love & passion is not just a fading presence but a everlasting drive forward.