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Lexus 2015 Design Award Winner: Sense-Wear

The Lexus Design Award is in its third year, each year highlighting important themes and innovative ideas in design, granting the finalists an opportunity to showcase their work. This year, for the first time, Lexus chose a Grand Prix winner: Sense-Wear, by Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati who addressed Lexus’ theme of the Senses with brilliance.
Sense-Wear is a collection of garment and accessories designed to improve sense awareness. Some items help mute physical sensations, while others help sharpen them, allowing wearers to experience the sensory world from a new perspective. The designers were mentored by Robin Hunicke for the development of a prototype displayed in the Lexus Space in Milan.

The 2015 theme of the Senses goes even beyond sense awareness, touching upon important issues such as environmentalism, urbanism, energy, health, and emotions. Each designer creatively interpreted the theme through visuals, textiles, sounds, and even heat. The reoccurring emotions felt during the exhibition and alteration of the physical state shows the depth and scope of each one of the projects displayed.

The finalists work ranged from changing the way we organize our thoughts to emulating sunlight. The overall feeling was that of simulated positivity and the idea of having a real perspective on the senses.

Sense-Wear did take home the prize with their literally touching collection. Corti and Parati managed to merge fashion and design all while addressing some pressing issues of today’s world.

lexus design award sensewear

lexus design award sensewear

lexus design award sensewear

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