Les Pres d’Eugenie: Michel Guerard’s Wonderland in the South of France

Deep in southwest France, Bordeaux to be precise, lies a sleepy little town called Les Pres d’Eugenie ( named for Empress Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III) where one of France’s most celebrated chefs , Michel Guerard  decided back in the 1970’s that he and his wife  would buy some property and an existing chateau, and create the perfect south of France experience. Eugenie-les-Bains was born, the premises boast a spa, various rooms, and a simple but enjoyable country restaurant called Fermes aux Grives. The grounds are extensive and beautiful, the summer air drifts in bits of rosemary, thyme, rosebushes and lavender, all abundant in the various outhouses and gardens.

The restaurant is well-known for excelling in three cuisines: the slimming spa menu, the extraordinary gourmet food, and the traditional country cooking and has, since 1977, received three stars in the Michelin Guide. The rooms are pure french sensibility with aristocratic bones, nothing modern or trendy, old tradition os whats up here, and after a stay , not only will you be cool and collected and well fed but you will feel one with nature; all of your senses alive, exploding with joy, imploding with serenity.

More information at www.michelguerard.com