Les Enfants Rouges: Minimalist Micro Apartment [Paris]

The French studio Ubalt renovated a tiny 17th-century flat in the heart of Paris and designed beautiful custom-made furniture for the project. The result is a 390 square foot minimalistic home full of eye-catching pictorial compositions and details.

Naming it ‘Les Enfants Rouges’, the Parisian architecture studio refers to the famous nearby market in Le Marais. The starting point of the two young architects Nastasia Potel and Mylène Vasse was to combine functionality with a modern look, while maintaining the historic charm of this classic building.

The continuous space of just under 36 square meters (390 sqft) was uniquely divided into a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a workspace, a bathroom and a cocktail area. For this the architects used an accordion sliding door and other semi-permanent separations that just did not touch the ceiling.

That’s how they created the illusion of length. The duo also designed furniture, such as mirrors and a dining table with a marble table top and bright plexiglass feet. With their sleek design, the furniture not only makes the space even longer, they also give the apartment a picturesque allure.

To emphasize the different textures of all materials, the minimalist interior was painted completely white. Tailored industrial lighting finally creates a subtle contrast between old and new.