Leo Caillard Photography

French photographer Leo Caillard, sent us his two last editorials for Amusement magazine: Art Game and War Game, in exclusivity. Both with some incredible 3D and retouching skills by Antoine Mairot. My favorite is Art Game, or how the Musée du Louvre uses Apple navigation system for showcasing their art. See both series below.

War Games

“The Military are omnipresent in our daily images, information, press report, video games, films. Like a danger always present. Of such bulky objects, the vehicles are involved in the city with those enormous carcasses which we dont know what to do with anymore. With impressive architecture. this is a humorous way to point out that all this military display might one day, could fall on our head.

Photography: Leo Caillard
Retouching 3D: Antoine Mairot

More info at www.leocaillard.com / www.antoinemairot.comwww.Amusement.fr