Lemonade : Lifted

As of late, I have really been feeling the sounds of Brooklyn (by way of San Francisco) trio Lemonade. To follow up their 2008 self-titled debut, the band is about to drop an EP entitled Pure Moods on the “buzz factory” True Panther Sounds label (newly acquired by Matador). The first track released from the EP is a track called “Lifted” and it puts a smile on my face. The track starts out with a xylophone riff and hand claps that meet a drum machine for the beat. Soon you are acquainted with sampled splattered sounds and laughter, world like percussion including a steel drum, but it isn’t until vocalist Callan Clendenin drops that first verse that you really understand what you’re getting; a soulful, electro slow jam. “I said oh girl/ where you going to/ I see my whole life come together around you.” Enjoy getting lifted.

Listen to “Lifted” here

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